Brainzy kids is a worldwide online training company.Our Comprehensive study  comprises of topics apart from school curriculum that very much enhances the thinking skills of school children and indirectly helps them to think and learn the subjects.The course content is developed by experts from across the globe to be competent in every skill aspect and also with international benchmark assessments.All our tutors are well trained and certified to provide unbiased training to your kids.Get your kid confident about Olympiad exams, international benchmark assessments and any competitive exams in future. 

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Critical Thinking
Strategic Thinking
Logical reasoning
Visual perception 
Math puzzles
Math Logic
Brain teasers
Math mystery 
Out of the box thinking questions.
Analytical Thinking
Word Problems …. and lots more

We organize an online IQ test for kids.
Brainzy Kids is a global pioneer in teaching reasoning and thinking skills amongst school kids
The test is for 30 minutes, the kid will receive a certificate with star rating.
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whatsapp +91 6385 186 054

Happy Learning!!

IQ Test from Brainzy Kids
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