Hello dear parents, 

Disney stars all India national level Ganesh chaturthi online contest 2021.

Group A: nursery,l.k.g,u.k.g
Group B:1st to 4th
Group C:5th to 7th
Group D:8th to 10th

Events: ( Ganesh chaturthi relatable)

Craft( All Groups) send video & photo of craft..

Clay modeling (All Groups) Use different colors of clay to make Ganesh pratima or Ganesh chaturthi related things.

Story telling ( All Groups)send video of storytelling about Ganesh chaturthi and more..

Lentil Ganesh art ( All Groups) take an outline of Ganesh printed out .apply glue on the picture of Ganesh within outlines..use different grains &lentils for different parts …for colourful looking of Gajanan

Songs/Shlokhas ( All Groups) send video of songs/ shloka of Ganapati related ..video should be 1 to 2 min

Fancy Dress (All Groups) dress up as Ganesha or festival related and send the photos..

Colouring (Group A&B) I will send colouring sheet … colour it and send

Drawing (All Groups) Draw anything related Ganesh chaturthi…send the photos

Dance (All Groups ) send video of dance on any song …

Painting (All Groups) send photos of painting ..

Flower Decoration ( All Groups) Decorate your Ganesh with flowers and send photos

Ladoo treasure hunt ( All Groups) All you need to do is collect different types of ladoos and make a video of telling about the names of ladoos.

Special Talent (500/-)(Group All) special talent is any talent that your kid has.all you need to send video for special talent special trophy+E-certificate will be given

Entry fee :250/-per event

Registration process:-

To enroll your kid name you have to pay entry fee and send screen shot. Then I will send details form …
     Then you can share videos/ photos of your entries to my whatsapp number

* Winners will get trophy or shield + e-certificate
* All participants will receive special medal + E-certificate

“Shining Star ” trophy for 7 events participants.. trophy +medals will be given

Payment process:-
Payment No(gpay,phone pay,paytm) 9066283763.
 Last date:30-09-2021.

Results will be announced after last date in a week..

 Note: Amount paid is not refundable.& Kindly wait for the reply in WhatsApp.

Ganesh Chaturthi 2021 Online Contest by Disney Stars
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