Register your child to the contest & *Win Rs. 10,000/-* Cash Prize.

Promo Video:

*Chota Champion- YouTube Superstar* is a virtual video contest for kids hosted on our YouTube channel. This is a platform to showcase your child’s talents.

Every child is special & has incredible potential; we are providing a platform to these rising stars.

The winners of this competition are determined by the number of likes & views, their video receives.

This is an initiative to recognize the talent in the child & nurture it.

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*WhatsApp:*+91 7204256187


Terms & Conditions:

1. The following is a video contest for kids, Chota Champion – YouTube Superstar.
2. The participants should share their videos with appropriate age group category. The categories being as follows.

• Group A – 6 months to 2 years
• Group B – 3 years to 5 years
• Group C– 1st Std to 3rd Std
• Group C – 4th Std to 6th Std
• Group D – 7th Std to 10th Std

3. The talent videos that are shared with Chota Champion team should be free of any inappropriate content. The content should be purely showcasing the talent of the kid.
4. The talent videos shared with Chota Champion team will be reviewed for any inappropriate language & content before uploading the video on Chota Champion YouTube page.
5. The process of inspection of the video may last from 24 hours to 48 hours.
6. The guardian is providing their complete consent to upload the talent video to the Chota Champion YouTube Channel, as well as all social media channels and pages owned by Chota Champion team.
7. The Duration of the talent video should be minimum 2 mins & maximum 5 mins.
8. The talent video should be in any of these formats alone:
• .MPEG-1
• .MPEG-2
• .MPEG4
• .MP4
9. The talent video if offered in a format that YouTube doesn’t accept we will have to let go of the participant.
10. The payment made towards the entry fee will not be refunded.
11. In case the payment isn’t completed we consider the participant has not been added to the competition.

12. In case of disqualification of the talent video due to inappropriate content/ wrong format. Chota Champion team is not liable to refund the entry fee.
13. The certificate + medal + surprise gift will be sent to the address provided at the time of payment.
14. All prizes will be sent only via Indian Post.