Online Handwriting Contest – (March , 2021).

Use the respective age group’s link for more details as per given in or Passage to be written requirements are provided in respective age group’s link as per given in the above links .

Mention participant’s name and age in the written work.

Last date for registration and submission is March 21 , 2021 .

Writing Style : Any form is allowed . Completely based on student’s wish . But when selected a specific format please do guide the child to stick to that selected format of writing alone .

Judging criteria :-
~ Smoothness, grace, and flow of the writing .
~ Competence.
~ Consistency.
~ Neatness.

Trace & Digital working is not allowed .

Verification video :-
A short video footage of the participant writing a part of their written work.
It can be a fast forwarded continuous video if necessary .

Results will be declared on or before April 1 , 2021 in our YouTube channel .

Participation & Winner E-Certificates will be sent to your registered email addresses.

Winners will be awarded with exciting cash prizes and e-certificate .

Cheers, The Art Dream Express Studio team

Online Handwriting Contest | March, 2021
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