Hello dear parents..

Disney stars has organised latest Holi All India Online Contest/competition…2021. for you to enhance your participation skills…

Event details..

Water gun( Group All) prepare a water gun using any plastic bottle..and decorate it..and send video of making(it should be 1to2min)& also send photo after making.

Rainbow in a plate  (Group All) DO the rainbow shape using VIBGYOR  colours..in a plate and send  that photo.

Fancy Dress ‍ (Group A&B) send photo of fancy dress of your kid any fancy dress allowed.

Dance (Group All) send video of Dance any song is allowed..video should be 2to 3 min.

Story telling ‍ (Group All) send video of story telling. Video should be 1to2 min..story should be based on reason of celebrating Holi ..or any

Holi crafts( Group All) send video of Holi craft related Holi..

Drawing (Group All) send photo of Drawing…along with the participant..do any kind of drawing related Holi..

Colouring ️ (Group A) for this event we will provide colouring sheet..fill the colour and send the photos..

Holi banner(Group All) Holi banner means just make a banner using the name of “Holi celebrations”….( Write the name of Holi celebrations on a colourful circle  paper& design this paper&stick this on the thread and hang this..)and send photos

Holi festival chart ️( Group All) make a chart by drawing Holi things/any on it and make it colourful and send photos..

Holi art ️ (Group All) DO the art related Holi and send photos..

Songs/slokas (Group All) send video of any songs/ slokas…video should be 1to 2min..

Rainbow paint /Hand paint(Group All)send photo of art/paint ..it would be related Holi or any.

How to participate:
All you need to send photos/videos to my WhatsApp number..

For registration entry fee is 190 per event… shipping charges applicable.

GroupA (Nursery,l.k.g,u.k.g)
Group B(1st to 4th)
Group C( 5th to 7th)
Group D(8th to 10th)

Rewards:  Everyone will get trophy (winner&participant trophy would be different one)

Last date: 31-3-2021(for submission & registration)

Note: Amount paid is not refundable..


Holi All India Online Contest/Competition 2021
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