Vedic Tree | Vedic Math Learning Program

Worried about your child’s fear in math?
Wanna make your child master math?

Then, Vedic Tree is for you! It’s a Vedic Math learning program, curated for children of grade 4 to 8 covering the basics and is imparted online every Tuesday and Thursday @ 6pm to 7pm.

Vedic Math is a proven technique to make mathematical calculations faster, easier and accurate. Along with this few more key benefits are: 
✔ Improve analytical skills
✔  Practice logical thinking
✔ Boost problem solving

Vedic Math makes the child finish up their work swiftly, providing them ample time to check the correctness of answers by multiple methods and to revise the solutions.

Batch size: 5
Notes and worksheets will be provided.
All this @just Rs.1000 per month.

Whatsapp 8838500794 to know more details.