RAINBOW ASPIRANTS Finale 2020 – Online Competitions

RAINBOW ASPIRANTS Finale 2020 – Online Competitions.

Age Category:0 – 15 years

Last date submission : 29th Jan 2021

Registration Fees: Rs 199/-per event

For information Contact: 087544-23525


  • Young Model  (Age 0-15 yrs)
  • Colouring (Age 2 -5 yrs)
  • Clay Modelling (Age 0-15 yrs)
  • Art n Carft(Age 2 -15 yrs)
  • Christmas Craft (Age 2- 15 yrs)
  • Speech (Age 2 – 15 yrs) Any Or Topic :Thanking 2020
  • Poem (Age 2 – 15 yrs ) Any
  • Drawing(Age 2-15 yrs) Theme :Christmas / New Year
  • Solo Singing(Age 2 – 15 yrs)Any Song
  • Solo Dance(Age 2 -15 yrs) Any theme
  •  Fireless Cooking (Age 2-15 yrs)
  • Story Telling (Age 2-15 yrs) Any
  • Essay Writing (Age 7.-15yrs)
  •      Topic :Why 2020 is different from other years? 


 All  kids are winners for us ,so all kids get E-certificate and Medals

Entries should be done by the kids

Two minute video of the activity should be sent through mail id:rainbowaspirants@gmail.com or whatsapp 087544-23525

Payment can be done through bank account or google pay

Winners will be awarded with certificate and winning medal.

Winning in more than three competition will be awarded a trophy


Participants will be divided into Group A:3-5 yrs ;Group B:6-8 yrs ;Group C:9-12 yrs

Apart from other awards we also have Special Award for the most popular video on Youtube. Videos from (Speech, Story telling, Dance solo, Solo Singing) will be posted from Feb 1st to Feb 13th ,top 3 videos with the highest likes and views in each category  will be awarded.