ENHANCE Presents Holiday Online Contest 2020

ENHANCE Presents Holiday Online Contest 2020.

It is a Great platform to Express your Kids Unique Talent.

Any Queries Whatsapp @9943371243

CATEGORY B : 1st, 2nd,3rd Grade
CATEGORY C : 4th,5th,6th Grade

Registration Ends : 20thDecember 2020
Submission Ends: 20thDecember 2020
Result Date : 23rd December 2020

Following are the Events:

CATEGORY A : Colouring (Outline sheet will be shared)
CATEGORY B : Drawing (Fruits and / or Vegetables)
CATEGORY C : Drawing(Cartoon And Super Heroes)

Registration Fee : Rs.150 per Event

Payment : Gpay @ 7373337123

Note:All participants will be awarded E-Certificates.

All Winners will be awarded E-certificates & Trophies

Max 2 minutes video has to be submitted for the competition.

Images of drawing and photo of the kid with the drawing should be submitted.

Submit your entries through whatsapp 9943371243

Amount paid is Non Refundable or Non transferable for other competitions.

Register through https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeMKg67M1HSZUCPvyQhen5_JaxnhBBIfCHTDGhjSEB3nP1jdw/viewform