Raaba Media’s TALENT HUNT ONLINE EVENT Season 2.

About the Event
Raaba Media has launched TALENT HUNT ONLINE EVENT Season 2. It is to be held in 4 rounds. Another pride is that this is the only show in the world that offers a variety of opportunities in a single competition. At other events, prizes and awards are given only once during the competition. But the TALENT HUNT ONLINE EVENT is a little different in that you are not only given a one-time prize but also four chances to win a prize according to your ability. We would like to remind you that already in the Season 1 event, three rounds of opportunities were given and various students became achievers by receiving titles, medals, shields and prizes. You can also participate in this competition for free.

Free participants can advance up to two rounds. Raaba Media is proud to announce that the event is set to become an unprecedented achievement in the world as it offers gold coins and medals, cash prizes, original silver medals, special titles, the opportunity to compete in talent competitions held abroad, world-class awards and a wide variety of opportunities.

All you have to do to take part in this event is take a video that shows off your skills on your cell phone or camera and take a minimum of 3 minutes to a maximum of 10 minutes .please upload google Drive. Please send to link

WhatsApp 91-9600112714

Or  email : info@raabamedia.com

Facebook  : https://www.facebook.com/raabamediatalenthunt/

Registration form  : https://www.raabamedia.com/entry-forms

More Details Visit the website : https://www.raabamedia.com/talenthuntseason2

Contact : Raaba Media: 9600112714

event starts 24/10/2020

last date of registration 08/11/2020

results will be announce : 21/11/2020

premium entry fee 750 ( all premium participants get shield,medal,common title certificate }

Free entry option also available .free entry participants get winner title or participant certificate. ( participant certificates send via email )

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