Smart Super Stars Multiform Capability Award Online Competition 2020

Smart Super Stars Multiform Capability Award Online Competition 2020.

Groups :
Group A: Kg’s
Group B: 1-3
Group C: 4-6
Group D-7-12
1. Events or activities should be done by the kids,  2 to 3 min video of child Dance, Singing(song, rhymes, slogam ), fancy dress, drawing,  personal talent(art and craft, storytelling, music,thirukural telling, face art, sports, ect..) any.. should be sent through WhatsApp to 9443667398
2.Last date for submission 10TH OCT 2020
3.Payment can be done through bank account (net banking). Or Gpay
4.Judges decision is final.
5.In each group 7 winners(each category 1 will select – total 7 category ) will be awarded with winner certificate and MEMENTO/ trophy.
6.In each group 7 will get best effort award with certificate and medal.
7.Participate min 7 events and win 5 OR MORE events will awarded (MCA) with trophy /memento(with print  kid name ), winner certificates.
8. Continuously 3 (MONTHS)competition winners award as star of SSS(SMART SUPER STARS )
9. Continuously 6 (MONTHS) competition winners award as ELEGANT star of SSS(SMART SUPER STARS ).
10.All participants get  certificates and medal.
11.For all participants MOM/DAD are eligible for MAKE CRAFT WITH YOUR KID   contest BASED ON THEME and win “BEST INOVATIVE MOM/DAD Award” with memento/trophy.    3 winner will be selected.  free free free. For Dad or Mom
12.Reg : RS.250 per event.
13.Result will be announced 15 th OCT 2020
14.New and innovative ideas are awarded as best creator of SSS (Smart super stars)
For more details contact: 9443667398.