Valiyant Academy is proud to present its monthly competition for August – September 2020.
Teacher’s Day Competition!!!
Rules & Regulations
1. This is a competition. Registration Fee Rs. 200 per Entry. Only one Entry per participant.
Last date for Registration: 30 AUG 2020. Results will be announced on September 5th 2020 via the website or through WhatsApp.
2. Batches:
Batch LU: LKG & UKG
Batch A: I & II Std
Batch B : III & IV Std
Batch C: V & VI Std
Batch D: VII & Above
3. Duration of Each Entry: Maximum of 2 minutes. Any entry beyond the given time limit will not be entertained.
4. The participant can talk about his or her teacher in a poem or a small talk. The video can be uploaded on youtube or Google Drive. The link should be given in the registration form.  The speech or the poem has to be clearly spoken and properly audible.
5. Only 3 prizes will be given in each Batch. If there are more entries in each batch, the consolation prizes will be decided.
6. Medium of Language – English/Tamil. Any student from any state or country can participate.
7. Students of Valiyant Academy cannot participate in this competition.
8. Judges’ decision will be final.
9. The results will be published on our website and be announced via WhatsApp
10. The payment of registration fee is compulsory prior to registration of the competition. Please refer to the bank details in this page below the “Click to register” button.
11. The payment details need to be uploaded while filling the form.
12. The video of the participant talking about the teacher has to be uploaded in Youtube or in Google drive and the link has to be provided while registering with proper sharing options. Any request for change in video after it is uploaded will not be entertained.
13. All the participants will be receiving a participation e-certificate and a gift e-voucher for the online classes provided by Valiyant Academy, the admissions subject to the conditions.
14. All the winners from each batch will be given a cash prize of Rs. 300(I Prize), Rs. 200/- (II Prize). Rs. 100 (III Prize) along with a Winning e-Certificate. The amount will be transferred to the bank accounts provided by the participants on request once the results are announced. Also special gift e-vouchers will be given to each winner for the online classes provided by Valiyant Academy, the admissions subject to the conditions.
15. If the number of participants in each batch does not meet the required number, the particular batch of students might be combined with another batch based on the age and judgement will be done accordingly. It will be totally decided by the Execution Committee of the Academy.
16. The videos of the winners or any special talent will be published in our facebook page and website based on the parent’s consent given in this form.
To Register and Details, please refer to

Valiyant Academy Teacher’s Day Competition 2020
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