Basic Life Saver (BLS) Online First Aid Course (29, 30 August, and 5, 6 September, 2020)

Jumpstart Outdoors is a weekend outdoors & adventure travel and training company based in Mumbai. We cater to individuals and groups by arranging training, and weekend trips to the outdoors within 150 – 300 km of Mumbai. We have designed and done a successful run of our Online Certificate Course – Basic Life Saver (BLS)

Below is our plan for the event Basic Life Saver (BLS) Online First Aid Course to be held online via on the 29, 30 August, and 5, 6 September, 2020.

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Friends, you could require first aid at any time, be it outdoors or in your domestic life. Giving appropriate and timely first aid immediately, keeping yourself calm and knowing your rights, can help to save a person’s life, aid recovery, and prevent long-term disability.


29, 30 August & 5, 6 September, 2020
Consecutive Saturday & Sunday

5:00 pm to 7 :00 pm (each day)

The course is an 8 hour long certificate course, conducted over 4 days (2 hrs each day)





Dhiren Talpade – 96197 93983
Sanij Mandalekar – 86528 15494



– Course will be conducted by experts from Jumpstart Outdoors LLP.
– The course is an 8 hour long certificate course, conducted over 4 days (2 hrs each day).
– The course is planned for a minimum of 20 and maximum of 60 participants.
– The minimum age required for this course is 15 years old.
– The course will be conducted live via Zoom call.
– The instructors will be teaching in English, Marathi & Hindi (as required). However, the course material & assignments circulated, will be in English only.
– The participants would be required to attend the interactive live Zoom sessions.
– The participants would also be given homework, and tasks, which they would need to complete offline.
– The course will be run by a team of 3 first aid instructors.
– On successful completion of the course, a participant will receive a “Basic Life Saver” Certification, valid for a period of 1 year.


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