Cursy online calligraphy contest for kids of 3rd to 9th.
Kids who do calligraphy or interested please join calligraphy contest.
For details contact: 9791116790 / 866701798
Submissions and registration to be done before July 10th 
REGISTRATION FEE: 30/- ( to be paid via google pay) 
 Gpay Number: 8122731657
This contest is for kids of class 3rd to 9th 
CATEGORY 1 : 3rd to 5th 
Wordings to write : Go Corona 
CATEGORY 2: 6th to 7th 
Wordings to write : stay home , stay safe 
CATEGORY 3: 8th to 9th 
Wordings to write : follow quarantine 
Enroll immediately by contacting 9791116790 
Submit your entries to 971116790 Or submit your entries to
Cursy Online Calligraphy Contest for Kids of Class 3rd to 9th
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