is an free online contest for kids painting and drawing
competition. The submission to the contest can be in the form of
drawings paintings cartoons doodles sketches posters digital art.

You can use any medium of your choice. There is no restriction on the
use of medium. It could be regular pencils coloured pencils graphite
pencils charcoal crayons sketch pens oil pastels watercolours acrylic
colours oil colours.

The drawing sketch or painting can be done on any
paper – it could be the regular office stationery paper or drawing paper
or any other surface suitable for drawing or painting.

You can also use a canvas. If you use a canvas please ensure that you leave a margin of 2 inches on all sides for stretching. You can submit digital art as well.

The submission is online. This means that you will submit a scanned
image or a good quality picture of your artwork along with all the
relevant details such as title of the artwork large used size and a
brief description about the artwork.

Please do not send your original artworks to us unless we ask for it.
For photography contest you will need to submit only the image in the
initial stage.

We ask for the original artwork for each shortlisted entry. After we
receive the original artworks from the shortlisted children and college
students a dedicated web page is created for each shortlisted child
artist and young artist. We are committed to managing and promoting this
web page for a period of 3 years. During this period all the artworks
created by the shortlisted child artists or young artists is uploaded on
their dedicated web pages.

Furthermore the original artworks then undergo another round of judging
to decide medals and honorable mentions. The medal winning artworks are
displayed at exhibitions workshops and other such forums as and when an
appropriate opportunity arises.

Register on and send your entries.


Kids Online Drawing and Painting Contest by

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    What is the topic?

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    All details available in the post itself. please go through..

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    Dear Sir/ Ma’am,
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    Please guide us for the process and details for drawing competetion of class IIIrd student..

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