Spell BEE ONLiNE … 50 tests @ Rs 100 per annum … Test Schedule … starting 3rd May, 2020.

Greetings to you from SPELL BEE ACADEMY … a Spell India initiative.

Spell India is in the forefront of Spelling Learning in India. It is India’s No 1
spelling bee study material provider. It is the 1st to provide online spelling
classes. We have authored the maximum number of Spelling books in India,
all available at amazon only.
SPELL BEE ACADEMY is pleased to inform you about another 1st ever Spelling initiative from Spell India.
This is a weekend program through the year that starts from the 1st weekend of May, 2020. It will happen on 50 weekends through the year. Any change in schedule due to unforeseen circumstances will be informed.
Students can register for it anytime through the year and take the balance tests of the year.
All SPELL BEE ACADEMY students can participate in it. No fee, but you have to confirm vide email that you will be taking the tests.
Test will be conducted in online classes. Link and password will be sent
just before the class time. Dictation will be given so child has to have paper
and pencil/pen ready for the class. Each word will be repeated 3 times.
No meaning or sentence will be stated in the test. Pronunciation will be
regular Indian English pronunciation.
Answers will be shared after the test. Child has to check and thus identify
his/her ‘weak’ words and learn same through regular practice.
No word list or study material will be provided. The ‘weak’ words will be the study material in the child’s spelling learning journey.
The exam will happen in batches across grades. The batch for your child is
as follows. It cannot be changed.
The 1st TEST is on 3rd May, 2020 (Sunday).

whatsapp : +91 9820354672

Email : phonicsindia@gmail.com (For Registration)

Spell BEE ONLINE – A Spell India Initiative
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