“Without water, our planet would be one of the billions of lifeless rocks floating endlessly in the vastness of the inky-black void.”- Fabien Cousteau
World Oceans Day provides a unique opportunity not only in honoring but also in conserving and in protecting our Ocean. Every year it is observed on 8th June,to raise global awareness about the importance of ocean in our lives and the ways through which we can protect it.It’s an individual’s duty to participate and to contribute in protecting and preserving our shared ocean. 
Skill Tree brings you some interesting Ocean themed online contest to raise responsibility among students to save our ocean and marine life from the danger of global warming.
Contest details:
Age 4 to 6 : Sea animals drawing & coloring (A4 size sheet)
Age 7 to 9 : Ocean craft 
Age 10 to 12 : Essay on ‘Greening the Blue’ (not more than 200 words)
E-certificate to all participants. 
Fee : Rs.100/-
Last Date:June 6th
Contact details : 8838500794
Ocean Themed Online Contest Celebrating World Ocean Day
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