“Skill Smart“ – Summer Camp @ TIME KIDS, Kilpauk
Find Your Kids Perfect Summer Camp…
Summer camps are one of the best ways kids get to spend their summer vacations. These camps were started with an aim to let the kids give a bit of peak into things that they can learn apart from the academics.
Welcome to T.I.M.E Kids Summer Camp
Your children are precious, so we offer the highest quality and variety of camps that will meet each child’s needs and interests during their Summer Holidays.
Our Summer Camp Programs are fun based and different from the normal school routine and encourages confidence, creativity, communication and team-working skills among them.
The T.I.M.E. Kids Summer Camp offers opportunities for fun, friendships, and exploration through fun-filled recreational and enriching activities designed to help children discover science, explore nature, engage in the creative arts, discover new interests and develop new skills.
“Skill Smart” Summer Camp is specially designed with fun activities that help kids explore and find a new interest. 
A wide variety of activities have been incorporated, including
* Self Smart
* Art n Craft Smart
* Word Smart
* Fitness Smart
* Self Expression
* Rhythm n Beat
* Fun Time
* Story Time
* Indoor Games
* Enacting Short Skits
* Theme based Quiz
* Team Work & Spirit
* Takeaways – Art & Craft works
Special Features
* Special events every week
* Explore different ways of expression including art, craft, dance, music and Discover hidden talents
* Safety Mat & Non Toxic Material Toys
* Homely Ambiance & Nutritional Snacks
* CCTV Surveillance 
* Power Backup
* Friendly Care takers
* Certificates will be provided
Not only this…
Surprise Guest Visits… Writers, Magician, Fire Officers, Puppeteers, Story Tellers & Many more, added to our Programs.
Let children beat the heat and stay cool in this Summer.
T.I.M.E.Kids Preschool Kilpauk
No.140, TIME Campus, A.K.Swamy Nagar 4th Street, Secretariat Colony, Kilpauk / Kellys, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600010
Ph: 9136888111, 8248627201

Summer Camp 2020 for Kids at Kilpauk, T.I.M.E Kids Preschool
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