Millennial Indian Writers Pan India Online Essay Contest 10 April – 15 June 2019

Takhte and the UNESCO New Delhi Cluster Office are launching the first ever pan India online essay contest for children (aged 13–15 years) and youth (aged 16–18 years). The contest is titled ‘Millennial Indian Writers’, and the 100 winning essays will be published as a book entitled Inside the Millennial Mind: Essays by 100 Young Indians.

The essay contest has separate categories for children (aged 13–15 years as of 31 Aug 2019) and youth (aged 16–18 years as of 31 Aug 2019) respectively. The five essay topics for participants in each of these categories are as follows:

A. Essay topics for children


How can schools address the challenge of bullying?


Can children strengthen local efforts to fight climate change?


Does participation in sports contribute to all-round personal growth?


How can history and cultural heritage be brought alive for children?


Has our need for instant news affected the quality of journalism?

B. Essay topics for youth


Why is global citizenship education important?


Is protecting our natural environment a priority?


Are internal migrants an asset or a burden for local economies?


What role could culture play in sustainable development?


How democratic are citizens’ discussions on social media?

All participants in the essay contest must be Indian nationals, residing in India as of 31 August 2019. All essays must be written in English.

Participants can visit the link for the contest on the websites of Takhte ( and UNESCO New Delhi (, where the details of the contest will be available. The contest details will also be available on Takhte and UNESCO New Delhi’s Facebook and Instagram pages.