Here is a Summer fest for all of you!!

Tots, Preschoolers, Schoolers, Teens and the official adults welcome aboard, put your creative caps and haul the benefits !

Art Fest

Category 1

Tots and Preschoolers( 3yrs -6yrs)

Coloring the favorite Character

Color your favorite character from any one of the following stories( available at the story app Potboiler)

1) Bubbly gets attacked

2) Peehu the Penguin

3) Zingy the Zebra

Category 2

Illustration of favorite scene

A) Schoolers and Teens( 7-18)

Illustrate your favorite scene from any one of the following stories( available in the Potboiler story app)

1)The Game

2) Peehu’s Magical Friendship Band

3)Adventures of Sonu and Monu o

4)The Girl on the Wexing Road

B)Heart to art( 19-99)

Illustrate your favorite scene from any one of the following stories ( available in the potboiler story app)




4)Love Forever


The coloring / illustrations should be mailed( scan/photo) after entering the following details in the competition section.Registration through the Potboiler story app.

Title – Tots and Preschoolers/ Schoolers and Teens / Heart to Art
Story- Few lines about you!!

Story Fest

Theme: Friendship, Bravery, Compassion, Celebration, Perseverance

Category 1
Fourth and Fifth standard
Min Word Count-300

Category 2
Sixth to Eight standard
Min Word Count – 450

Category 3
Ninth standard and above
Min word count -800

Category 4
Above 18 yrs
Min word count: 1200

General instructions

  1. Enrolment and Submission through the story app Potboiler only.

  1. Each Participant can submit a maximum of three entries

  2. Enrollment fee of Rs. 10 per entry should be paid at the time of submission.

  3. Submission without entry fees will be rejected

  4. A mail should be sent with the details ofregister number, tittle ,category and age to after submission of the story.

  5. All submission should follow the above-mentioned guidelines

  6. Submission not meeting the guidelines will be rejected

  7. Last Date for submission: By July 1st

  8. Entries received after the last date will not be accepted

  9. Results will be announced through the app and everyone can view it

  10. The decision of the judges will be final.

  11. For any queries mail to

Potboiler’s Art and Story Fest-2019!!

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