3-Day Kid’s Yoga Camp from Arise ‘n’ Shine

Join us for the FREE 3- Day Kid’s Yoga Camp where children will get to experience the goodness of yoga, try their hand at laughter therapy, energizers, and learn simple postures. Children will get to understand the mind–body relationship which promotes both emotional and physical wellb being. The main goal of yoga for children is to stimulate their physical, mental and emotional abilities. Yoga extends impulses to every part of the brain, increasing and awakening its total functioning capacity. Yoga, when practiced consistently has been proved to enhance a child’s memory. Many children face difficulties in remembering things, such problems can be minimized with the practice of appropriate yoga techniques.

Age Group: 3.5 Years- 12 Years
Date: August 22nd-August 24th
Time: 6pm-7pm

Venue: Arise ‘n’ Shine International-Periyar Nagar ( C 87/6, 14 Street, Periyar Nagar, Chennai -82)
Please call 9840562223 for FREE REGISTRATION.
NOTE: Limited Seats