It’s time to show off your Thoughts, Skills & Creativity by clicking Festivals of India. mission is to give amateur photographers the opportunity to showcase their amazing work on their website, social media platforms and in their annual show ‘Bharat Ke Rang Photo Art Exhibition’ at prestigious venue.

Bharat Ke Rang Photography Contest 2018 Phase II

Theme : Bharat Ke Rang
Medium : Digital Photography (Camera or Mobile)
Subject : Fairs & Festivals of India

1. Senior Citizen
2. Women (House Wives)
3. Working People (Man or Woman)
4. Students

Submit your photographs on subject : Fairs and Festivals of Arts, Cultural, Dance, Film, Garden, Harvest, Literary, Music, Religious, Sports, Technical and Theatre festivals of India

Participation Fee: Rs. 200/- (Buy Online Ticket) available till 30th April 2018

Submission Deadline 15 May 2018

For detailed information please visit website page

Bharat Ke Rang Photography Contest 2018
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