An astute week long blend of phonics and gymnastics

In this supportive, interactive and FUN environment of Children’s Land:

Ø Kids would be introduced to letter sounds.
Ø They would learn to use phonics to help decode and read regular words.
Ø They would get a read aloud session of some story each day. This would motivate kids to read on their own and increase their vocabulary.
Ø They would be introduced to naming words (noun), action words (verb), and describing words (adjectives)

All of this and a workshop on basic gymnastics skills.

Age group: 4-7 years

Dates; April 16 – April 20 (MON – FRI)

TIMINGS: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

You could come and watch your kids try and perform something for you on April 22 (SUN).

Call 80721 96323 for more details

Children’s Land
286 TTK road, Alwarpet

An Astute Week Long Blend of Phonics and Gymnastics

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