VIT University, Chennai campus is organizing “SciTech@VIT 2018” – Exclusively for school children on 24th Feb’18 @ VIT Chennai Campus.

PFA. Kindly post it in your Website.

There are 10 categories of competitions for children of A Grade(6,7 & 8th Std) , B Grade (9 & 10 std) and C grade(11 and 12th std)

1 . Oral presentation (Individual)

Topic of your choice based on Science, Engineering and Technology

Presentation can be done using

– PowerPoint in pen drive/Laptop /Black board for 7 minutes.

Evaluation is based on

– Presentation of the topic and answering the questions posed by the Judges

Faculty Coordinator-Dr.M.M.Balamurali 8220899788)

2. Devils Advocate (Team of 2 Students)

– Topic will be given on the spot with nominal preparation time

– Evaluation is based on Debating skills for OR against the topic

Faculty Coordinator- DrLuke Gerard Christie(9790931850)

3. Working Model (Team of 4 Students):

– Topic of your choice

Requirements of the event

– To bring the Pre-designed working model based on Science, Engineering and Technology

– Model should explain the principle/concept of the topic displayed using figures/images/text

– Duration of display of the working model to public – 2 hours. Student is required to explain the topic using the working model as a tool

Evaluation is based on

– theprinciple of the working model and the explanation of the concept by the student.

– answering the questions posed by the Judges

Faculty Coordinator – Dr.AnithNelleri(9846715353)&Dr. GouthamSarang(9895892383)

4. Quiz (Team of 3 Students)

– Teams will be selected based on written screening test

– Quiz will be restricted to topics related to Science,Engineering and Technology

Faculty Coordinators–Dr.D.Vydeki(9600005340)&Dr.C.Umayal(9003035785)

5. Creativity in Science(Team of 2 Students)

– Any innovative concept based on Science and Technology

Faculty Coordinators – Dr.R.Navamathavan(9566004711) &Dr.Sanjit Das(9498093769)

6. Buzz Working Model(Team of 2 Students)

– Any scientific theme can be expressed using clay or any material

– Participants should bring the clay/ materials and colors required

– Evaluation is based on Design pattern and the Scientific theme depicted

Faculty Coordinator – Dr.ArockiaSelvakumar(9962681933)

7. Watch and Reply(Individual )

– Visual round, Clue round etc…

8. Dubsmath: (Team of 4 members)

– Dumb charades – Science, Engineering and Technology terms

Faculty Coordinator – Dr.Susan Elias&Ms.Chandini 9004809195

9. Rapid Fire round (Individual)

– To be answered within 5 seconds.

– Questions based on Science,Engineering and Technology

Faculty Coordinators – Dr.BornaliSarma(8667691194) and Dr.RupamSingh(9940409571)

10. E Games (Individual)

– PC Games

Faculty Coordinator – Prof.J.Prassanna(9841475035)

Contact Person:

Event Management :Faculty Coordinator –Dr.R.Maheswari (7401596924)

SciTech@VIT 2018 – Exclusively for school children on 24th Feb’18 @ VIT Chennai Campus

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