Rising Star of India 2018- Kids Fashion Show on January 13, 2017 at Coimbatore.

Poppys Hotel Coimbatore
#257, Saibaba Colony, Mettuppalayam Road, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Miracle Media P Ltd presents “RISING STAR OF INDIA 2018” kids fashion show at coimbatore on January 13 2018.

RISING STAR OF INDIA 2018 is just not about fashion and glamour. It moulds your child to become a better human being by polishing their personalities for social success.

Rising Star of India 2018 gives a platform to new talents. Our events helps the child to recognize and enhance their skills in the field of modelling, acting and personal grooming.

Age criteria:
I. st category-1.5 yrs to 4 years.
II nd category -5 to 10 years.
III rd category -11 to 15 years.

Costume Theme: (single round only)
I st category -Free style
II nd category-Party wear
III rd category-Indian traditional

Registration fee
1st category- Rs.1000/-
Other categories-Rs.1500/-

1. Vulgarity is strongly prohibited.
2. Kids will be judged on Costume, Walking stance, Attitude, Make up and Attire.
3. Decision of the judges will be final.
4. A green room will be given for the entrants.
5. Entrants should carry their own costumes.
6. No glitter, live flame, smoke generators or projectiles of any kind are not allowed in show.
7. It is a solo event.
8. Time for each entrants will be 1 minute.
9. First category is NOT a competition and entrants will not be judged. Participants will walk on the ramp to display their costume.
10. Parents can accompany their kids of first category on the ramp.
11. While no changes to these rules are foreseen, certain circumstances may require that the rules be changed. Any changes to the rules will be noted in bold red print on this page.
12. The practice session for the event will be announced by January 6th in our website.
13. Registered participants update your application no and the name of the kid through whatsapp no 8056633881
14. Last date of the registration will jan 1st
15. The profile of the kid should be sent to below mentioned mail after the registration. Mail id: risingstarofindia2018@gmail.com

For More Details : https://www.facebook.com/events/265668640617071/

Rising Star of India 2018- Kids Fashion Show at Coimbatore

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