• Entry Fee per category is Non-Refundable.
    ( Classical Dance : rs250, Karnatic Vocal music :rs200, Karnatic Instruments :rs150, group:rs1000).
    All the categories must have parallel theoretical knowledge.
  • Judges’ decisions are FINAL and cannot be APPEALED.
  • The School may cancel any category when there is not enough participants entered. You will be notified and entry fees for that category will be returned.
  • We ask that you email us the tracks you intend to use by ……. so we can create play list to save time during each category. Please bring a USB backup with you to the hall. It is your responsibility to have the tracks playable from a USB drive at the hall.If we do not have your music before the start of the category, a time penalty will be incurred.
  • Registration Fee:
    Classical Dance :Rs250
    Carnatic Vocal music :Rs200
    Carnatic Instruments :Rs150.
    Group (2 – 6 students):Rs1000.

    Category Age and Time Limits:
    Category A : Age :7 yrs to 9 yrs, Time :3 to 5 mins.
    Category B : Age :10 yrs to 13 yrs, Time: 5 to 7 mins.
    Category C : Age :14 yrs to17 yrs,Time:7 to 10 mins.

    Going over the time limits will incur a 10 point penalty from the overall score of the participants.

    Category ABC
    (solo and group)
    Vocal Music (solo and group)Gitam/Bajans/Patriotic SongsTamil Keerthanai/SawrajathisVarnam/Sangeetha Mumurthigal's Keerthanai
    Instruments (solo and group)Gitam/Bajans/Patriotic SongsTamil Keerthanai/SawrajathisVarnam/Sangeetha Mumurthigal's Keerthanai

    For further details contact :
    Nathella vidhyodaya ,
    Nsc Street , Venkatapuram,
    Ambattur ,Chennai -53.

    Ph No:8056157447,9840391222.

    Nathella Vidhyodaya Sangeetha Saramrutham Inter School Competition – 2017

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