With CBSE’s semester system, the burden was reduced for the final exams, as only the second semester portions will be asked for the Summative Assessment II.

CBSE’s Comprehensive Continuous Evaluation (CEE) system is good in many aspects. The kids are being evaluated at regular intervals with out much burden, just like the semester system in colleges. CEE should have 2 Formative assessments (FA) and 1 Summative assessment (SA) in each semester, making it four FA’s and two SA’s every year. Each and every activity, the child do at school is also taken into account while calculating grades.

So all the project works needs to be done with care. That makes the problem for parents sometimes. The child needs their help in doing it. Those who are working will face problems for sure!! Extracurricular activities at school also have been considered for grading. Marks are done away with, now only grades are put for each child.

This system was fine. At least, children need not run for the marks. 🙂

But now the Board has made 10th Standard board exam mandatory from the academic year 2017-18. What is going to happen now? CEE system will be scrapped, full portions to be studied for the final examination.

The Board Exam will be for 80 marks. 20 marks will be awarded as internal assessment. This will include three cycles tests for each subject, out of which the best 2 will be taken into account for 10 marks in the internal assessments, while the remaining 10 marks will be for timely completion and submission of the notebooks, neatness and upkeep of notebooks (5 marks) and Subject Enrichment activity (5 marks).

The Subject Enrichment activity for language 1 and 2nd language will include speaking and listening skills, for Maths – Maths Lab Practical, Practical Lab Work for Science and map work and project work for Social Science.

Students who are in Class 9 this academic year (2016-17) would be writing the Class 10 Board examinations next year. There will be 5 subjects including 2 mandatory Language papers and an additional 6th optional subject.

Though the circular is presently for Class 10 Students from the next academic year, CBSE has advised schools to replicate the same method if they wish to from Class VI to IX from 2017-18 academic year.

All Details are available in CBSE circular released on January 31, 2017 : http://cbse.nic.in/newsite/attach/10th%20Board%20Exam%20English.pdf


Manju – Chennai

Exam Worries !!! … CBSE’s CEE system vs Board Exams
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