mayureshChennai City level competitions on 21.08.2016 i.e. Sunday at GK Shetty Vivekananda Vidyalaya, Ambattur, conducted by Mayuresh Manthra Vidyalaya.

Competition details Portions

1. Sloka competition

LKG & UKGLingashtakam / Ganesha Pancharathnam (3 stanzas)
I to IIISudarshana shadgam/ Swaminatha Shadgam
IV and VAchyuthashtakam (Full) / Ganesha Sthavam (10 Stanzas)
VI to VIIIBalamukundashtakam / Guruvashtakam
IX to XIISubramanya Bhujangam / Venkatachalapathi Ashtakam

2. Vishnu Sahasranamam* Portions

LKG & UKGDhyanam, Ksheerodhanvat pradese to
I to IIIDhyanam + Poorvanyasam
IV and VDhyanam + Poorvanyasam + 1 to 10 slokas
VI to VIIIDhyanam + Poorvanyasam + 1 to 50 slokas
IX to XIIFull

* Judges may request the student to chant from any sloka of the given portion.

3. Bhagavat Gita – Chapter 16 Portions

LKG & UKG1 to 5
I to III1 to 8
IV and V1 to 12
VI to VIII1 to 16
IX to XII1 to 24

4. Bhajans*

LKG & UKGSmall Bhajan Songs
I to IIISmall Bhajan Songs
IV and VSmall Bhajan Songs
VI to VIIIBhajan Songs with Thaalam
IX to XIIBhajan Songs with Thaalam

*Individual / Group (6 persons per group)

5. Drawing and colouring

LKG & UKGBala Ganesh / Bala Hanuman / Krishna (Colouring)
I to IIIBala Ganesh / Bala Hanuman / Krishna (Colouring)
IV and VBala Ganesh / Bala Hanuman / Krishna (Drawing)
VI to VIIITraditional designs
IX to XIIScene from epics

6. Fancy Dress Competition
Theme: Characters from puranas
I to III
IV & V

7. Vocal

I to IIISarali varisai (ALL)
IV and VGeetham
VI to VIIIVarnam
IX to XIIKeerthanai

8. Story telling
Theme: Stories from Purana
I to III
IV & V


1. Application can be obtained from Trust office in person / by post / by email.
2. You can fill in the form and submit in the following modes

1. In person to the trust address in Ambattur along with cash / DD.

2. Application thorugh post / courier and fee through account transfer to Mrs. Vimala A/c.

3. A participation fee of Rs.100/- per student per competition to be sent along with registration form.

4. The amount to be paid through DD / Cheque in favour of “Mrs. Vimala” payable at Chennai.

5. Last date for submission of registration forms along with DD is 10.08.2016.

6. Regarding selection / winning in the competition – decision of the judges / mmvtrust is final.

7. Students are requested to carry snacks and sufficient water.

8. Refreshments for escorting teachers will be provided at the venue.

9. Students must come with their school uniform and ID card.

10. For any enquiries contact 9600137870, 8608032737 or or visit

11. All the participants will get participation certificate and participation medal.

Mrs. Vimala Sankar

Chennai City Level Competitions for kids 2016 by Mayuresh Manthra Vidyalaya

4 thoughts on “Chennai City Level Competitions for kids 2016 by Mayuresh Manthra Vidyalaya

  • August 9, 2016 at 11:59 pm

    Hi ,

    I would like to join my daughter for sloka completion and drawing . Please let me know how to register for the same .

  • August 8, 2016 at 4:20 pm

    Mam where I can get form.can I get it from vice kanda school ambattur in time I have to come

  • July 23, 2016 at 9:15 am

    Dear Mam / Sir,
    Would like to register my daughter for the bhajan and vocal competition conducted by your organization. Kindly send me the details


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