ScienceUtsav’s Upcoming Year Long Programs and Events Listing. We have been conducting Science and Robotics Fun Clubs for kids since 2010.

Our innovative workshops help kids understand science in a fun way using hands on activities related to their curriculum.

ScienceUtsav’s Year Long Programs have been hugely popular since the last couple of years and we have conducted workshops in over 10 centers in Bangalore last year.
It is our pleasure to introduce some innovative offerings this year too.

ScienceUtsav is a Edutainment Program for children of age 05 to 14 years. We strive to create an interactive learning platform for the
participants through hands-on activities, science experiments, fun projects, science games, puzzles, science expeditions, role plays and
other innovative pedagogy techniques. We believe that “practicality is everything”!

ScienceUtsav has also been rated amongst the Top 5 summer camps to be held in Bangalore across various journals and portals.

Science Utsav Year Long Programs and Curriculum Based Program 2016 Lists:

Science Utsav EVENT 1 : SCIENCE FUN CLUB Demo Session

Science Utsav Program 2016 EVENT 2: Science Show – Year Long Program Inauguration

Science Utsav Event 3 : Curriculum Based Program – Inauguration

Science Utsav EVENT 4 : Science Fun Club – Kiddo Explorers

Science Utsav Event 5 Science Fun Club – Junior Explorers & Senior Explorers

Science Utsav Event 6: Robotics-Juniors Program

Science Utsav : Super Thinkers

ScienceUtsav’s Upcoming Year Long Programs and Events Listing

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