The Commonwealth Essay Competition 2014 is open to individuals under 18 years of age from Commonwealth countries. (List of Commonwealth Countries)

The competition is run by Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS) in partnership with Cambridge University Press. The competition remains an important means of expression for young people across the Commonwealth.


Age Categories:

The contest is conducted under two groups and the topics are as follows:

Juniors (Under 14 : Born after 1st May 2000)
1.Tell us about your family or friends. Who are the team players and who are the stars?
2. ‘You’re one of us now.’
3. What makes a good team? What makes a good team player?
4. Tell us about an instance (or two) where people from different generations have worked together.
5. Have there been times in your life when you wished you had someone to team up with?

Seniors (14-18 years : Born between 2nd May 1995 and 1st May 2000)
1. Team Commonwealth! How would you describe what your country has to offer other members of the team?
2. How can sport build peace in troubled communities?
3. What part does competition play in people’s daily lives?
4. Explore the relationship between ethics, sport and human rights.
5. ‘We’re a good partnership, you and I!’

A bonus topic open to all entrants ‘United we stand!

Participants must be living in, or be a national of, a Commonwealth country/territory.
All essays must be in English and can be submitted with an entry form online or via post.
Entrants can submit a poem, letter, folk tale, script or essay on the topics above.

Entry Deadline: 1st May 2014

Submit your Entry at :

Flyer of the Competition :

For Rules of the Contest :

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Commonwealth Essay Competition 2014

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