Glitter’z…..”ChithiraiThirunaal” events for kids on 6.4.14 (Sunday) at Ambal Matriculation School, Rajiv Gandhi Street, Arumbakkam, Chennai-106.

Come on ……kutti…chutties…..we welcome this academic year……with loads of smiles and prizes.

Event Details:            A                         B                               C                             D

Timing                  Lkg and Ukg        Std I to II              Std III to IV          Std V to VI

8.30 to 9.30         Colouring            Drawing                Drawing                Drawing

(Theme- Nature for all groups)

9.45 to 11.00       Solo Singing       Solo Singing       Solo singing       Solo Singing

(Bajans)                               (Bajans)                               (NaatupuraPadalgal)

(Bajans for Group A & B – NaatupuraPadalgal for Group C & D- 2 min)

11.00 to 12.00    Sloka                     Sloka                     Sloka                     Sloka

1.00 to 2.00         Rhymes                Aathichudi          Thirukural           Oration- Tamil

(Any Sloka for maximum 2 minutes)

(2 min)                 (any 10- Old)       (2 athikaaram) (KalviyinAvasiyam-2 min)

2.00 to 3.00         Story Telling      My Class room  Fairy Tale- Monoact        Personality Talk

(Any-2 min)        (10 lines)             (2 min)                                 (2 min)

(No properties ….Only Dress code will be allowed for all)

3.00 to 4.00         Fancy Dress        Adapt Tune        Adapt Tune                        Adapt Tune

(F.D- People who help us)   (Adapt Tune- 3 mixture of songs for 2 minutes)

Rules and Regulations: Kindly go through all the rules and regulations:

  1. Registration Fee Rs.100/- per event. Participants can enroll any number of events.
  2. Participants to be present 10 minutes before an event.
  3. Registration number will be allotted at the time of registration and please collect the number tag at the registration counter  before the event.
  4. Parents are not allowed inside the competition hall.
  5. Kindly take care of kids and your belongings.
  6. Parents please ensure that this event is a learning platform and an opportunity for the kids to overcome from their inhibitions and proves their effort and it doesn’t mean any kids or their efforts least… We “Glitter’z….salute each and every kid for their effort….So All kids are winners.
  7. Glitter’zjudgement is only by professionals on their concerned journal.  No queries on Judgement.
  8. At the time of registration make sure that the details given are correct especially name with correct initial. No correction on certificates will be entertained.
  9. Once enrolled event change will not be entertained.
  10. All the participants will get a participation certificate and a medal for their efforts.
  11. Winners will be awarded with trophy and a certificate.
  12. Registration may be done either in person or through phone using a/c transfer mode.
  13. Registration venue: 28/4, amaravathynagar west, 3rd cross, arumbakkam, ch-106.
  14. A/c transfer- M.Shanthi- Kindly transfer the amount after confirming over phone and mention the registration number while transferring. Kindly confirm the transfer details over phone or mail or sms.
  15. Registration contact numbers: 9500023545 and 9940815226 Email Id:
  16. Registration closes on 3.4.14
  17. Prize distribution by 5.00 pm
  18. Colouring sheet will be provided for Group A. A4 sheet will be given for all the groups to draw. All  other materials to bring.
Glitter’z…..”ChithiraiThirunaal” Contests for kids
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