Little Talentz Competition for kids at Little Scholars, Annanagar on 7th July, 2013.

Little Talentz  1 – play group (2-3year) – Pink ribbon

10.00AM -11.00AM– Baby fashion walk and Follow Instruction

Little Talentz 2 – Prekg – Ukg– yellow ribbon

9.00-10.00AM- Fancy dress
9.00-10.30 AM – Colouring
10.30-11.30AM- shloka
10.30-11.30AM- Rhymes
11.30-12.00AM- Break

12.00-1.00 Prize distribution for Talentz 1 and 2

Little talentz 3– 1st TO 3rd std – Red Ribbon
2.00 pm- 4.00pm – Drawing and colouring (any topic of your choice)
2.00- 3.00pm –Dancing (time limit 3mins)
3.00-4.00pm- Shloka (any shloka of your choice)
3.00-4.00pm- Story telling (any topic within 3 mins)

Little Talentz 4 – 4TH TO 6TH– Blue Ribbon
2.00-4.00pm– Painting
2.00-3.00pm – Dancing
3.00-4.00pm –Devotional song
4.00-4.30- Break

4.00-5.00 Prize distribution for Talentz 3 and 4


·Registration Fess – Rs.100/- per event and kids can be enrolled for any number of events.

·Participants should be present 30 minutes before the event to collect their respective badges.

·Please ensure that your kids wear the respective colour ribbon on your wrist according to your group code.

For ex: Group 1- pink ribbon.

·Participants have to bring required materials for Drawing/ colouring/ painting .paper will be provided at the venue.

·Judges Decision is Final. No queries on Judgment will be encouraged.

·Parents are not allowed inside the competition rooms except stage events, such as dance, fancy dress etc.

·Please ensure that you carry enough water and snack for your kid or make use of the food  stalls put up at the venue.

·Parents are responsible for their kids and their belongings.

·To avoid parking problem kindly ensure that commute by two wheelers or opt for car pools with your friends.

·Registration closes on 5th July 2013.

·For more details and registrations call: / 9789941632/9962701010
·         Send you entry to

Little Talentz Competition for kids at Little Scholars, Annanagar
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