All India Blitz Chess Championship 2023

All India Blitz Chess Championship by Malsar
Location: Online Contest
Date: 26/Nov/23 @ 11am onwards
Eligibility: Open (no age restriction)
Awards: Medals & Certificates for top 3 in each category, E-Participation certificates for all.
Registration deadline: 25/Nov/23
Age: Open for All

Contest Details:

Chess is one of the world’s oldest and most loved strategic board game. The beauty of the game is; it has no-hidden information and the element of luck is virtually non-existent. We’ve designed ‘All India Quick Chess Championship’ to celebrate and cherish Indians love and passion for the game.


The championship will have 1 round, Participants will be continuously paired with opponents’ game-after-game for 1 hours, each game will have a maximum time limit of 3 minutes. Scores for each game result:
Loss: + 0; Draw: + 1; Win: + 2

Why to Participate:

• If you love chess and want to improve your skills in a competitive and positive atmosphere.
• Chess improves protection against Dementia and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) specially for children.
• Chess improves Creativity, Careful contemplation and Planning skills.

For registration, more details & resources:

For Queries: Whatsapp@ 9310025824