Harvard Foundation conducts the world’s most comprehensive & integrated Olympiads. The Olympiads are the result of decades of efforts to create a powerful, purposeful & innovative pattern that offers tools, techniques, resources, and plans to enrich the knowledge of every student. These Olympiads are based on constructivist principles of learning and apply pedagogical practices using the same from across the world (incl. Ivy League Colleges).

International Olympiads are curated by our Subject Experts to comply with NCERT & NEP-2020 to accommodate the students from India.

Harvard Foundation conducts International Olympiads for two major STEM subjects:
International Maths Olympiad
International Science Olympiad

Benefits of International Olympiads 2023-24 by Harvard Foundation:
1. Free Syllabus & Sample Papers.
2. Test the students’ knowledge against their global peers.
3. A worldwide platform for students to showcase their knowledge and get accreditation from Harvard Foundation.
4. Experience the education standard same as Ivy League Colleges.
5. Certificates, Trophies, Medals & Other exciting awards from Harvard Foundation.

Registration fees for each Olympiad is Rs. 150/-. (For Indian Students)

Eligibility Criteria:
Students from Classes 1 to 10 can participate in International Olympiads by Harvard Foundation.

The registration methods for International Olympiads 2023-24 by Harvard Foundation:

For Students – Kindly visit the following link to register for the Harvard International Olympiads 2023 – bit.ly/harvard-2023
For Schools – Kindly visit the following link and download the brochure & registration forms – www.harvardolympiad.com

Contact Details:
Email – harvardolympiad@gmail.com (For Students) or info@harvard.org.in (For Schools/Teachers)
WhatsApp/Call – +91 8808388025

International Olympiads 2023-24 by Harvard Foundation
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