Never Such Innocence is an education charity giving the world’s children a voice on conflict through the creative arts.

As always, our annual competition asks you to share your perspectives by submitting your fantastic:


However, unlike our previous competitions, which were inspired by broader themes such as ‘Life After Conflict’, this year, we are looking for answers to a specific question – what does war mean to you?

This change comes as part of our new three-year programme Conversations on Conflict, where each year we ask you a different key question on conflict that draws together your diverse contributions to create a unified voice that we can use to influence decision makers and make your voices heard!

Entries are divided into the following four age categories*: 

Age 9-11; age 11-14; age 14-16; and age 16-18. 

*The crossover of ages in these categories is to ensure children in the same school year have an equal opportunity. Categorization is at the discretion of Never Such Innocence based on the information provided on the entry form.

Entries must draw on the competition question: What does war mean to you? 

If you have any special educational needs you would like the judging panel to be aware of please make a note on your entry form. 

All submissions are given a unique entry number to anonymise the judging process. We kindly request that only the title be written on the entry to ensure the submission may be identified and kept anonymous. All other details about the entrant should be confined to the entry form. 


CREATIVE ARTS COMPETITION – Never Such Innocence – Deadline 17th March
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