Takhte Writers and Publishers warmly encourages young minds to participate in the ‘Online Elocution Contest’ to be held from November 11-14, 2022. This year use the platform in celebrating children’s day distinctively and boldly by making your voice heard.

We know you all love to talk and share your everyday boring as well as interesting experiences and thoughts with your friends, families and
faculties. Many of you would be aware of the importance of speaking publicly and also doing so. Yes, if we at this age learn the power of
communicating with multitudes and shed inhibitions, we are enhancing the voice culture.

For the contest, we have four prime elocution formats. You are welcome to choose one or all ranging from extempore, poetry recitation, speech
and solo singing. Takhte opines that any soft skill, which we are gifted with, should be honed with age and time. Use the platform judiciously.

Please note the medium of language for all four formats is English. Also, find cues as under-

Extempore– It is a time to showcase your spontaneous thinking and creatively assert ideas with precision. You will be given two minutes to
speak on the topic, which will be shared there and then Poetry Recitation- If you love reading and learning poems. Come forward
in reciting a poem of your choice. The duration should be not more than 3 mins. Mind it you cannot read and recite. Also, add some spice in
balancing it with actions.

Speech– Speech is a powerful medium to convince and bring change. Stimulating listeners’ psyche and emotions. Raise your competitive
spirit and speak on the topic, which will be shared with you a day before. The duration should not be more than 3 mins and you cannot read
and speak.

Solo Song Singing- If you love listening to music and practising singing. It is a time to show your talent in singing a melodious song.
Please note genres of music- Western Vocal and Keyboard are only allowed

The contest is open to young minds from the Grade 1-3; Grade 4-6; Grade 7-10.

The activities are scheduled to be held from 4 pm to 6:30 pm on the above mentioned dates. Please participants, while presenting be in

The jury will judge participants on content, fluency, voice modulation and body language.

Attractions and Prizes

A winner each from the three listed grades for all four formats will get a chance to win exciting prizes. (Please note there will be a total of
12 prizes)

The top three winners of all grades for all four formats will receive an e-certificate of achievement.
All participants will receive participation e-certificates.
Winners will be promoted on the social media handles of Takhte.

Deadline for registration: 10 November 2022

Results will be announced on 20th November 2022 on the social media handles of Takhte

Registration : https://takhte.in/VoiceofViews/online-elocution-contest/

Takhte Online Elocution Contest 2022
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2 thoughts on “Takhte Online Elocution Contest 2022

  • November 10, 2022 at 10:17 am

    Singing song in hindi is allowed n its online event
    It will on zoom or which platform please reply

  • November 10, 2022 at 3:52 am

    Dear team,
    This is Vijay from Mumbai, I would like to know that my son (3years old) can participate in this event for poetry recitation.
    Kindly revert me on same email

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