The purpose of this event is to give an awareness to the parents and children about the Brainobrain course, and the importance of the skills that every child should have.

Especially, focus on three major skills, first and foremost the Brain Skills like memory, concentration, Listening, Imagination etc., Secondly the Life Skills like, leadership qualities, developing their self confidence and decision making.  Finally the NLP skills,  every human being should learn this to create and lead prosperous life, which helps us to restructure the way we think, speak and look at life, this would change the way we see the world.

We use abacus to impart the brain skills, the Life skill and the NLP skills through activities we train the children. The children who are undergoing the course in the nearby area will come and demonstrate the brain skills by solving the arithmetical sums within a few seconds, in fact faster than the calculator. It doesn’t  mean that they are  capable in mathematics alone. Instead their brain is trained in such a way to do things quickly with 100 percent accuracy. so not only in their academics, they will excel in everything.

 This demonstration is one of the best ways to show accuracy. On the whole, this event is to create awareness, how this course can help their kids to provide a strong foundation as it deals with their Intelligence, Skills and personality.


Brainobrain Advanced Skill Development Programme Demo
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