Gear up for Supernova’s Christmas Special Super Sunday’s game show for kids, “The Puzzle Mania”!

What is the game show?

Our game shows are unique learning experiences designed by IIT Madras alumni where kids: LEARN, PLAY, COMPETE AND WIN prizes!

The Puzzle Mania game show is designed for kids from 9-14 yrs of age helping your child improve their higher-order thinking skills & problem-solving ability by introducing them to new puzzles and puzzle-solving techniques. So it’s time for some serious fun and serious learning!

Event Date & Time: Sunday 26th December, 6:00 – 7:00 PM

Age Group: 9-14 years


Prizes  worth INR 10,000 to be won 
The top 40 participants on the leader board will win prizes and goodies.
Every participant will also receive an e-certificate.  

About the organizer:

Supernova is an innovative learning experience created by IIT Madras alumni where kids learn, play, compete & win prizes. We host live online game shows and contests every Sunday where children from across the globe participate in thought-provoking games & simulations designed to cultivate strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.

Supernova’s Christmas Special | The Puzzle Mania by IIT Madras Alumni
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