U-1500 World Chess Championship 2021

Klub Ventures, LLC is organizing the biggest cash prize tournament of the month, on 11th December 2021 at 7:30 PM IST.

The total prize pool is of $ 2,000.

This is the open tournament and anyone can participate in it. It is an online tournament.

Some rules and regulations.
Participation Eligibility – Unrated Players. Under 1500 FIDE / USCF Ratings
Format: This is a Swiss-style tournament.

Number of Rounds: At least 7 Rounds (This might be more if the number of players increases).

Time Control – 20+0 Minutes per side. Zero increments.

This is open for all Unrated or Under 1500 FIDE/USCF Rated. Even coaches can participate.

Participation is allowed either from a PC or laptop with a working webcam and microphone, usage of Mobile phones, tablets or any other computing device will lead to disqualification.

Participant(s) needs to be on video throughout the tournament.

Participant(s) must not be accompanied by anyone in the room.

Foul play (e.g. using an engine) and seeking external help are strict grounds for disqualification.

Banned/ Closed IDs will not get any prize. The next deserving player will get it.

No fake identities.

All prizes will be given by showing proper identification documents.

The organizer’s decision is final.

The organizer reserves the right to disqualify any participant for violating any of the above rules.

Must have played 50 or more Rapid Games on Lichess.org (If you have not played on Lichess.org before, you have time to catch up)

Registration : https://chessklub.com/u-1500-world-chess-championship-india/

Prize Money Distribution
1st Place – $500
2nd Place – $400
3rd Place – $300
4th Place – $200
5th Place – $175
6th Place – $150
7th Place – $125
8th Place – $75
9th Place – $50
10th Place – $25

CHESS KLUB Trophies for Top 3 Players
CHESS KLUB Medals for
Best Under 7 Player (Anyone born after 1-1-2014)
Best Under 10 Player (Anyone born after 1-1-2011)
Best Under 15 Player (Anyone born after 1-1-2006)
Best Under 19 Player (Anyone born after 1-1-2002)
Best Female Player (Age No Bar)
Best Senior Citizen Player (Anyone born before Dec 31, 1961).