India’s Largest Art Competition 2021

Contest Name: Feed by art
Applicable age: 5 to 18
Registrations OPEN NOW
Registration & Submission Ends 25th September 2021.
Result Announcement: 10th October 2021

We at Neighbourhood foundation believe that a person is a person no matter how small! Children are to be taught the importance of their meals and not waste any part of them. Feed by Art competition is aiming to feed thousands of homeless people and animals!

What better way to impart that value than our Delicious Drawing Competition where they do it themselves and give us all a lesson to take home? Feel free to use this competition as a conversation starter and teach your child the value of the food they eat!

Come enroll your 5 – 18-year-old children in what we like to call “India’s Largest Drawing Competition, 2021” this 16th October for World Food Day. The 100 rupee entry fee directly goes to our Feed @100 program, meaning, you would both enter your child/children in the contest and feed 3 people and 2 animals!

Themes and Students Categories:
1) No Junk Food (Class I to III)
2) Don’t Waste Food (Class IV to V)
3) Healthy Food, Healthy Planet  (Class VI to VIII)
4) Hunger-Free Nation (Class IX to XII)

Are you all ready to win INDIA’S LARGEST ART COMPETITION?
Single Competition to participate in 5 Record Breaks.

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Feed by Art | India’s Largest Art Competition 2021
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