A . Audhav Sai is a 7 year old talented child with an amazing Memory Power. He is studying 3rd Std in Velammal New Gen School Madipakkam Chennai.

His Mother Mrs Monica Arun tells about her talented son.

He is  a very brilliant and obedient kid.He has an amazing memory power, he understands and learn things easily and quickly.  Last year Audhav learnt to identify 197 country flags, He can say 118 flowers name in Tamil, He can say Aatichudi 1 to 50. He has participated in so many competitions and won many prizes. He is good in studies and also in other activities too like dancing ,singing, acting and drawing. Audhav has a YouTube channel named LITTLE MASTER. He posts all his video in that channel.
Now Audhav Sai has created a new world record by reciting capitals,chief ministers name,languages and governors of 8 union Territories and 28 states of India in least time of 1 minute 5 seconds.This achievement is registered in Wor
Audhav’s grand father and grand mother used to encourage and motivate him always. Audhav loves to play with his grand parents. And his uncle and aunt are a big support  to him. As parents, we always encourage, motivate and support him in all his needs. We are really blessed to have a child like him. Audhav likes his Father a lot, His Father is Audhav’s Super Hero. And As a mother I feel really proud and very happy.  We wish Audhav to achieve more and more in his life.  Thank you.”
A .Audhav Sai | Tiny Talent with an amazing Memory Power & Kalam’s Record Holder
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