Online Speed Math Challenge #4

Albert Einstein once said, “Pure mathematics is, in its own way, the poetry of logical ideas.” We couldn’t agree more. And that is why we’re giving your child the chance to engage their mind in a mathematics challenge like none other. Sign up for the Speed Math Challenge #4!

Register now @ or call-whatsapp us at 9686534166

  1. Venue Address: Online Competition via Zoom. 
  2. Age Group: Under 16, Under 12, Under 10, Under 8
  3. Event Date: 23rd October 2020.
  4. Timings: 3-9 PM IST
  5. Registration Deadline: 22nd October, 3 PM
  6. Event Fee: 299
  7. Creative/Art Work for the event (high resolution image): Attached
  8. Book Tickets/Registration:

Contact Information
Contact Person: Gunjan Shah
Contact Number: 9686534166
Email Id:
Facebook Page:

Online Math Speed Challenge #4
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