Thirukkural Recitation Contest

Kural (குறள்) is a type of poetic meter, which belongs to a family called Venpa (வெண்பா). Kural venba has 2 lines and 7 words. The greatness lies in poet’s ability to convey a world of meaning precisely in two lines.

Thirukkural helps to reform the character of kids and its the best tool to know the goodness of all topics.To impart it to students , Skill Tree organizes ‘OUT LOUD’ – Thirukkural Recitation online contest where participants can learn and recite kural according to the age specification given.

Steps to participate:
1)Fill in the form to register:
2)Pay the registration fee Rs.100/-
3)Take a video and submit it through the submission form.

Contact : 8838500794 (for payment details and submission form)
Last entry date: July 11th 6pm