Pahal K .Tanna | The Little Writer from Thane

Meet the little writer Pahal K .Tanna from Thane. She is a 3rd grade student from Euroschool, Thane, Maharashtra.

Here is a poem written by her :

Winter Poem – By Pahal

1. In Winters I feel so cold ,

that is what my friend told.

2. In winters some places have snow fall ,

So there is some problem in the country calls.

3.In winters all the heaters were sold ,

that is what the shopkeeper told.

4.In winters Mary got a new jacket ,

and kept the left money in her pocket.

5.In winters it is very foggy ,

said the toy doggy.

Another Story written by her :


A hungry jackal once wandered into a village at the edge of a forest. He had not found food for days and was starving. “If the village dogs se me,”he thought

They will surely kill me.”

Suddenly ,there was the sound of furious barking. The jackal turned to see a pack of dogs charging at him. He ran for his life, terrified.

Running desperately,he saw a huge tube behind a hut.He jumped into it to hide.The tub was full of foul-smelling liquid. “I wish the dogs would go away soon,”he thought,

This really smells.”

Soon it was quiet. Thinking that the dogs had gone,he jumped out of the tub. But to his surprise, they yelped in fright and ran away as soon as they saw him. The liquid in the tub indigo dye, and now he was coloured blue.

Puzzled and thirsty, the poor jackal went looking went looking for a pond. As he bent down to drink,he saw a strange blue creature looking back at him from the water. He jumped back in fright. But soon he realised that it was his own reflection. As he drank the water, an idea struck him…

He walked back to the forest. Seeing him, the forest animals including the lion, were afraid. He called out to them and said, “ I have been sent by the Gods to rule over you. Obey me and the will be pleased with you.” The animals believed him and made him the new king.

The jackal now lived a wonderful life, being waited on hand and foot by the other animals. He was happy and never went hungry again. One full moon night, all the jackals in the jungle began howling at the moon. Our blue jackal, showed his true colours – he woke up and began howling at the moon too.

The other animals were shocked that their heavenly king was but a common jackal dyed blue. They realised they had been tricked, fell upon him and gave him a sound beating. The blue jackal somehow escaped and ran for his life .

MORAL: Colors cannot change your true nature.