Monomousumi has announced the monthly “International Essay Competition”, which aims to find the best creative writer from all over the world in different categories. The winner can win exciting prizes, scroll of honour and Trophy. Apart, all the participants will be awarded the participation certificate and gift vouchers sponsored by various corporate houses.


The essay topic for the month of July-2019

“Top and prestigious institutes (in different field)

Participants are expected to write their own survey in any specific filed (where they have experiences)  like Engineering, medical, management, degree college, polytechnic, school, or any other type of educational institutes or any vocational study courses.

articipants should write point wise with proper logic, what make the institutes standalone. The content should be their own idea.  Create your own nascent ideas. Do not copy from the internet. Copied essays will not be judged and it will be rejected during the screening process only.

First Prize: There will be Trophy, scroll of honor (Print Ready/Printable e-CERTIFICATE signed by top Government Officials and eminent Jury members) and a “Italy Travel Box”  as  prize sponsored by

The certificate can be used by the students as an accolade under “Extra Curricular Activity”. Apart, the essay of the winners will be posted on the website with their name, photograph, and bio-data.

Monthly International Essay Competition July-2019
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