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Session started with a warm up activity and then they were split into two equal teams.

Yippee!! This time its Movie Direction and happy to see the enthusiasm among Children.

Children learnt the sequence for the direction of Movie from the Trainer TM Aravind and they started working towards the same. Director, Actor / Actress , Script Writer was identified. Sowmya Durga ,Mithra, Sailesh , Narthana and Akshaya Sri were members of Team I and their idea was to convey “BEAUTY IS IN EVERYTHING”. Sanjana, Dakshin, Velucharan, Architha and Gokul were members of Team 2 and their idea was to convey “WAR IS NOT ALWAYS THE SOLUTION”.

Director Sanjana and Sowmya Durga were instructing their team exactly as per information received from the trainer and they came up with lot of new ideas for their Movie. Dialogues were written by the Script Writer and rehearsal was done. Finally, they delivered their Movie with a message in front of the Audience.
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WE conduct Regular Classes in WSLR Club, Western Dance, Bharatanatyam, Zumba, Drawing, Cue Math, Hindi, Yoga, Chess, Reading Zone and Phonics. One-Stop Solution for all Extra-Curricular Activity!! Project Model will be delivered for School Projects, Assignment, Exhibition, etc and we do have a Lending Library!! Regular Workshop will be conducted at frequent intervals!! We NURTURE and you watch them BLOOM!!

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WSLR Club at Blossom

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