Green minds being an organization specialized in creating sustainable culture education for the next generation has come up with this well-being program. This year we have carefully created the summer program keeping in mind today’s intelligent children and demanding environment. The programs enable the child to synergize and perform in harmony. This will also help their academic performance. 

 It will be for children aged between 5 to 12 years, 10 am to 1 pm within the community premise itself. The cost for the program is Rs. 4500. It’s a five day program and day wise schedule has been shared below.

Day 1 : Awareness on Self

Day 2 : Awareness on Mind

Day 3 : Balancing Emotions (EQ)

Day 4 : Me, We and Others

Day 5 : Communication of positive intentions


These are important life skills which the child needs to learn to grow into a positive mindset based adult. A video of the earlier programs have been collated and shared below..


We have put together a detailed one pager website of the program. The registrations can be done online too :

Green Mind’s Well-Being Summer Program 2017

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