Most of the parents will agree that their children are obsessed with computer or mobile games these days. Long exposure to these games will surely affect kids in the long run. No doubt about it.

I always wonder how my child is finding out how to play these games. She just goes to Google, search for the games like cooking game, dressing up games, surgery games, Chota Bheem games and the list goes on. Finds out the website which has the game and immediately start playing. We monitor what she searches and she plays in front of us only. I made it sure that she turns on the computer under our supervision. She goes on playing them, until we tell her to stop; that too very reluctantly. I think most of the kids are like that only. Since we don’t allow her to use the system too often, I am able to control her ‘habit’ of playing computer games. She plays with the mobiles less often as it is not given to her.

But have seen many kids who are having their own mobile phones!!!!! Is this a good trend?? Absolutely I disagree with those parents who buy these small children mobile phones. NOT AT ALL.

We all had childhood and it was not an age of Mobile Phones and iPads. We all survived. So why is it necessary for today’s kids? As the kids grow, we will not be knowing what these phones are used for. Not blaming our own kids. But it is the truth. They are given every luxury, every comfort and every gadget they need and no parental control over any of these. If the child misuses them, we will know it only when some trouble arises.

Brain development is getting adversely affected in younger children who are addicted to the video games, their concentration level reduces. Children tend to get obese without having any exercise or play time. Some kids get more aggressive with constant exposure to violent media.

Excessive use of mobile phones or computers causes radiation exposure to kids. And the list of problems goes on. So dear friends, try restricting the kids with the usage of computers and mobile phones. Let them use it for a limited time under parental supervision. After all, New Generation Kids 🙂 .

Here are some links which provide details about how to restrict children’s video games addictions and adverse effects of multimedia addiction:

Courtesy: Latha Venkat, Chennai

Computer & Mobile Games for Kids – Good or Bad for Children?

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