Science Utsav Program 2016 EVENT 2: Science Show – Year Long Program Inauguration.

Date: 18-June-2016
Time: 10:30 AM
Duration: 1.5 Hours
Fees: INR 0

Venue: Science Utsav
JSS Circle, Jayanagar 7th block

Science Fun Club is a weekend activity, where the kids make science toys and learn Science behind what they make and little extra.

Our highly interactive programs such as hands-on activities, science experiments, fun projects, science games, solving puzzles, science expeditions, cool facts etc make children observe things around them with a new outlook.

Chemical mania is an inquiry based weekend workshop to help kids learn chemistry
around them with practical experience. Concepts of matter, their states, chemical
composition, properties, effects on the other material will be taught with test tube in their hands.

Many fun and interesting science experiments are meticulously selected keeping safety for kids in mind . This is a collection of science experiments and projects that are safe enough for kids to try, even without adult supervision.

Eg: Physical and Chemical properties

Kids will love learning about salts while they enjoy a range of great crystal activities that include making their own, crystal panning and much more. They also test different properties of the salts.


1. Kids will learn the evolution of chemistry and will get inspired to discover more
matter and materials for us 🙂

2. Learners will work with different elements and compounds at laboratory

3. Practical exposure to learn chemistry around them

4. Introduction to lab equipment and training to use them safely

ScienceUtsav’s Unique Year Long and Ongoing Programs include the following Offerings for the Academic year 2016-17!

*Dont miss the amazing fun with Science facts..

*Win a DIY kit by registering before 4th June 2016

*Batches Starting from 18th June 2016 (Dates are different at Different Locations. Please contact us to know more details)

*Also Avail Exciting Discounts upto 15%!
*Early Bird discounts can be availed for registrations before 4th June 2016!

Contact no: Shashank – 9035216555


Science Utsav Program 2016 EVENT 2: Science Show – Year Long Program Inauguration

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