TMS ART’S CENTER conducts TMS GOAL REACHER’S COMPETITION in AUGUST 2015. Yoga, Drawing, Singing & Dance Competitions.

VENUE of the CONTESTS: D.A.Ve BABA Vidyalaya School, Velachery
Date: August 16, 2015

Organizer Address: NO: 3/6, 9th MAIN ROAD, DHANDEESWARAM NAGAR,
Also at No:6,6th cross St, Arunachalam Nagar Extn, Keelkattalai-117 (IYYAPPA NAGAR 13th St)

Contact MURUGESAN : 9884566065,9500090445,044-43066065

1. Participants can participate more than one event by paying Registration fee Rs.200/ per event. Last date 13.08.2015
2. Participants must show any age identification proof, if organizer doubts during participation.
3. Registration No. would be same for participants who participates more than one event.
4. A group can have maximum 6 members only.
5. Participants should bring their own materials, drawing related items.
6. Marks will be deducted from original score if the participants fail to complete event.
7. For singing, participants can sing with or without sruthi box & karaoke.
8. For Dance,song must be in single CD to save time and keep song CD or pen drive to stand by.
9. Drug or alcoholic beverage must not be used and smoking prohibited for participants & parents before/during the events.
10. All participants will be awarded with certificates & medals. 1st, 2nd, 3rd from each category will be awarded with medals and certificates. 4th & 5th place are considered for more entries.
11. Judge’s/Organizer’s decision is final.
12. The allotted time for every event may vary more or less depending upon any reasons.
13. No arguments, disturbance & quarrel by participants are entertained and all participants are abided by our all rules and regulations.
14. Participant’s drawn pictures will not be returned in the event.


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