We are happy to share shOObh theme of the year 2015- LiGHT. We, propose to endorse UN Year & its goal of bringing awareness of how light can promote positive aspects of the human life, through Art & Education. shOObh Photography Contest & shOObh Arts Competition-2015 {Season-6} Theme-LiGHT are in official event list of IYL-2015. shOObh has launched three projects under the theme LiGHT;

1. shOObh Arts Competition-2015, Theme-LiGHT {Season-6}
Painting Competition of school children & teachers. We have an Open category for +18 years too. shOObh Arts, Head of Jury is Padmashree, Anjolie Ela Menon. Thousands of schools submit best of their entries every year.

2. shOObh Photography Contest-2015, Theme-LiGHT {Season-3}
Photography Contest of school children & teachers. We have an Open category for +18 years too. shOObh Photography, Head of Jury is Dr. O. P. Sharma.

3. shOObh NATYA-2015, Theme-LiGHT
Dance contest of school children & teachers. We have an Open category for +18 years too. We are working on an innovative submission process first of this kind ever done in India. shOObh NATYA, Head of Jury is Padmashree, Shovana Narayan.

All shOObh school projects are divided into 3 verticals:

1. School (Entry from attached)
2. Open School
3. Special School

Thousands of schools from 12 countries submitted best of their entries in shOObh-2014. Besides, contest & competitions we also organize workshops, exhibitions, seminars, panel discussions, advocacy meets & more on the subject. Please find attached few details of shOObh [2010-2015]

About shOObh:
shOObh Group Welfare Society is a non profit community based organization registered under societies registration act xxi of 1860 working in the field of community-service and action, education, health, personal growth and improvement, social welfare and self-help for the disadvantaged. shOObh programs are designed to educate people on human welfare issues. In all of shOObh Group projects different art forms are used to convey the message. shOObh Group has worked on different social issues.

For more details please visit  at www.shoobharts.com

shOObh Arts & Photography Competition-2015

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